Carro Armato P43. Mussolini’s forgotten secret weapon

Carro Armato P43. Mussolini's forgotten secret weapon

Carro Armato P43 specifications Weight: 30 tons Maximum speed: 40 km/h(25 mph) Frontal armor: 80-100 mm Side armor: 50 mm Main gun: 90 mm(3.5 in) Cannone da 90/53 Length: 8.16 meters(26 feet 9 in) Width : 3.04 meters(10 feet) Height: 2.24 meters(7 feet, 4 inches) Crew members: 5 Carro Armato P43(shortened P43) was a proposed … Read more

Stephen the Great’s Sword – history, facts, and importance

Stephen the Great sword

Stephen the Great’s sword is one of the rare artifacts of the grand historical collection of the Topkapi Palace Museum. The sword belonged to the Moldavian Ruler, Stephen III of Moldavia(known for his bravery as Stephen the Great);  a weapon filled with legend, both revered and feared by the Ottomans, built from special steel at the … Read more

Titus Lartius, the first Roman Dictator

Titus Lartius the first Roman Dictator

Titus Lartius(surnamed Flavus and in other sources Rufus; years active in office 501-493 BC) was one of the most important Roman statesmen of the Early Roman Republic, the first dictator of Rome and twice elected consul. His actions as the first Roman Dictator helped defend the Roman Republic against a strong coalition whose goal was to restore the Tarquinii. I. Background If you want to … Read more

What if the Paris Commune succeeded? 3 possible scenarios

What if the Paris Commune succeeded 3 possible scenarios

I.Introduction The Paris Commune, though it was short-lived, remains a serious subject of debate among modern-day historians and the French People. Even after 150 years since the uprising of the people of Paris has begun, this political event still divides the French people. Many questions still need to be answered about this major political and … Read more

50 great Giuseppe Mazzini quotes about patriotism, life and faith

50 great Giuseppe Mazzini quotes about patriotism, life, and faith

We present you the 50 most important Giuseppe Mazzini quotes about patriotism, life, and faith. These quotes will help you to better understand the complex personality of one of the leaders of Risorgimento.A complex character loved and adored by his disciples as much as criticized by his opponents, Mazzini spent his entire life fighting for … Read more

Emperor Trajan Quiz. Are you up to the challenge?

Roman Emperor Trajan Quiz

Take this Emperor Trajan Quiz and learn your knowledge level about the best of the Five Good Emperors of Rome. Marco Ulpius Nerva Traiano (57-117 AD) was the Roman Emperor who brought Rome to its maximum splendor and its maximum territorial extension. Because of his great accomplishments whenever a new Emperor took power, people started … Read more

Quiz: How well do you know Operation Bagration?

Operation Bagration Quiz

Take this Quiz about Operation Bagration and learn what do you know about one of the largest and most important Soviet Offensive of WWII. Operation Bagration was one of the biggest military offensives of WWII, successfully organized by the Red Army, this major military operation had knocked the Germans out of USSR for good in … Read more