Quiz: How well do you know Operation Bagration?

Operation Bagration Quiz

Take this Quiz about Operation Bagration and learn what do you know about one of the largest and most important Soviet Offensive of WWII. Operation Bagration was one of the biggest military offensives of WWII, successfully organized by the Red Army, this major military operation had knocked the Germans out of USSR for good in … Read more

15 historical Vlad the Impaler quotes you don’t know

15 historical Vlad the Impaler quotes you don't know

15 true Vlad the Impaler Quotes that will help you learn more about the complex and enigmatic personality of the Wallachian Prince which terrorized and tortured his enemies in many unimaginable ways. Vlad the Impaler, probably the most famous Romanian ruler from the Medieval Ages, his name was known from the Ottoman Empire to what … Read more

40 best Austria-Hungary memes that will make your day

40 best Austria-Hungary memes

40 Austria-Hungary memes that will make you laugh and maybe teach you some history: #1 Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire through history, from bitter enemies to best friends before WWI: #2 Austria-Hungary before WWI versus Austria today. #3 Two names that will decide the fate of Europe #4 Gavrilo Princip memes: The assassination of Franz … Read more

80 Giuseppe Garibaldi Quotes you probably don’t know

80 Giuseppe Garibaldi Quotes

80 Giuseppe Garibaldi Quotes that will help you to better understand the personality of one of the greatest military leaders and popular heroes of the Risorgimento. General and patriot, Garibaldi was always in the front line of various military campaigns that would lead to the formation of a politically united Italy. Due to his military … Read more

10 great Spartan leaders and their accomplishments

10 great Spartan leaders and their accomplishments

The Spartan leaders are the ones who mobilized all the energies and the unparalleled military efficiency of Sparta for military expansion. Thanks to a successful combination of military, diplomatic, and intrigue skills, the Spartan leaders transformed Sparta from an insignificant town in the Peloponnese into an undisputed power in Ancient Greece. From Lycurgus to King … Read more