30 Vlad the Impaler memes that will make your day better

We present you with a collection of the best Vlad the Impaler memes. Hopefully, you will find these memes both educational and funny. Who says that the history of Vlad the Impaler needs to be boring?

30 Vlad the Impaler memes that are both educational and funny:

#1. When Vlad the Impaler tries to ask the King of Hungary Matthias Corvinus for reinforcements against the Ottoman Empire, but the King cannot be reached. The woman from the below meme is Justina Szilágyi, cousin of Matthias Corvinus and Vlad’s second wife.

#2. Sultan Mehmed II: “The conquest of Wallachia will be a piece of cake, what could go wrong?”
According to medieval historians, Laonikos Chalkokondyles, Michael Doukas, and Michael Critobulus the Ottoman army strength was estimated between 150.000 to 300.000 troops. Modern-day historians believe that these numbers are far from reality and that the real figure is around 80.000 soldiers.
Mehmed II: The Conquest of Wallachia will be a piece of cake
#3. Vlad the Impaler is the real proof that perseverance is always good, just think how many times he tried and succeeded in reclaiming the Wallachian throne

#4. Now we know why Vlad the Impaler was fearless in the battles against the Ottomans
Vlad the Inhaler memes

#5. In 1456, Vlad the Impaler lead a small force to claim the Wallachian throne from Vladislav II, the dispute between the two commanders was settled with a duel near the city of Targsor.

#6. Vlad the Impaler: Why visit Dubai when you can visit Sighisoara? Who dares to change my mind?

. Vlad the Impaler memes Why visit Dubai when you can visit Sighisoara
#7. Vlad the Impaler in Romanian History books versus Vlad the Impaler in any other history books.

Vlad the Impaler memes collection

#8. When the Sultan’s envoys present their demands for the tribute to Vlad the Impaler, the biggest mistake of their life.

9. When in doubt, always ask yourself what would Vlad Dracula do in this situation.

Vlad the Impaler, when in doubt

#10. When Vlad the Impaler again takes the throne of Wallachia in 1456, this time for a long time. Not a lucky day for the Romanian boyars.

#11. The below Vlad the Impaler meme is inaccurate because Vlad Dracula was harsh to both foreign enemies and enemy factions from within his realm. There are also many legends from his reign about his cruelty towards peasants.

Vlad the Impaler meme

#12. Vlad the Impaler’s favorite hobby.

. Vlad the Impaler funny meme

#13. Sorry Vlad, there are many more Ottomans on the horizon.

#14. Acupuncture was introduced in Wallachia by Vlad the Impaler. It was an efficient treatment for traitors, thieves, corruption and even foreign armies.

#15. After the victory against the Ottoman army during the night attack(16-17 July 1462). Mehmed II tried to conquer the capital city of Targoviste, unfortunately for the Sultan, Vlad the Impaler had one more trick for him. At 5 km near the capital, Vlad and his army assembled a forest of spikes with impaled Ottoman troops. The desired effect was fully achieved, the Ottoman army turned back.
Winner of Halloween Yard Decoration, Vlad the Impaler.

#16. If the anti-Ottoman campaign of 1462 was a rap song, Vlad totally nailed it.

#17. When assembling the forest of impaled people, according to the express requirements of Prince Wallach, the length of the spikes had to correspond to the rank of nobility or military rank.

#18. Good idea for the next tv series with Vlad the Impaler.
vlad the impaler in 50 shades of grey
#19. When Vlad the Impaler refuses to pay the tribute…
Vlad the Impaler reaction when Mehmed II demands his tribute

#20. Vlad the Impaler really cares about gender equality, in his own way off course.


#21. Vlad’s solution to further demoralize the Ottoman army after the famous Night attack? You guess, a forest of the impaled.

Vlad the Impaler versus the ottoman army memes

#22. When Vlad the Impaler has a moment of genius.

Vlad the Impaler has a moment of genius

#23. Meeting with Vlad the Impaler be like…
Meeting with Vlad the Impaler be like

#24. Dan III was one of the many pretenders to the throne of Wallachia, in 1460 he tried to seize the throne with a small force and with the support of the burgers from Brasov. His force was ambushed by Vlad the Impaler. Vlad forced Dan to dig his own grave and afterward he was beheaded. Of course, Dan’s supporters were impaled.
Vlad the Impaler versus the boyars of Wallachia

#25. Elizabeth Bathory(7 August 1560 – 21 August 1614) was a wealthy Hungarian noblewoman who is considered the biggest female serial killer in history(credited with 650 victims). Vlad the Impaler probably would’ve been delighted to meet her.
Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Báthory
#26. After refusing to pay the tribute to the Ottoman Sultan, Vlad started a lightning campaign south of Danube against the Ottoman occupied settlements, this military action ended with great success, approximately 23.000 Ottomans were eliminated, Vlad’s fame also increased exponentially.

#27. Realizing that he couldn’t defeat him on the field of battle, Mehmed II decided to use treachery and scheming to bring Wallachia back under the Ottoman sphere of influence. He supported Vlad’s brother(Radu cel Frumos) claim to the throne, and the Wallachian boyars quickly switched sides.
When Mehmed II lost the Wallachian campaign memes
#28. Military for the Ottomans the Wallachian campaign was a real logistical and psychological nightmare. It is estimated that only during Vlad’s famous night, the Ottoman army lost 20.000 troops.
Vlad the Impaler versus Mehmed II meme
#29. According to local legend, while walking along a country road, Vlad saw a peasant wearing a dirty shirt. He asked the peasant if he sowed flax, the peasant’s answer was positive. He then asked him to see his wife. When he saw that the farmer’s wife was healthy, Vlad’s punishment was merciless. The woman’s hands were cut off. According to the legend, Vlad didn’t like the fact that the woman was lazy when her husband was working very hard.
The relation between the wallachians and Vlad the Impaler
#30. Most probably when he was arrested by King Matthias Corvinus in 1462 he was Sad the Impaler.
Vlad the Impaler moods

We hope that you enjoyed these 30 Vlad the Impaler memes.

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