40 best Austria-Hungary memes that will make your day

40 Austria-Hungary memes that will make you laugh and maybe teach you some history:

#1 Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire through history, from bitter enemies to best friends before WWI:
Austria Hungary - Ottoman empire memes

#2 Austria-Hungary before WWI versus Austria today.
Austria Hungary memes compilation

#3 Two names that will decide the fate of Europe
Franz Ferdinand memes

#4 Gavrilo Princip memes: The assassination of Franz Ferdinand be like the last nail in Austria-Hungary’s coffin.
Gavrilo Princip meme

#5 Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia. What could go wrong?

Austria Hungary WWI memes

#6 Austria-Hungary memes: When the whole of Europe is in flames, but you don’t care.
Austria Hungary vs Europe in WWI memes

#7 Austria-Hungary asking Germany for help in WWI.
When Austria Hungary asks Germany for help

#8 Austria-Hungary versus Russia in WWI meme:
Austria Hungary versus Russia in WWI, funny

#9 Sorry Austria-Hungary, but you don’t have any colonies.
Meme: Austria-Hungary versus other empires

#10 Kaiser Wilhelm II’s decision to offer a blank check to Austria-Hungary be like…
Kaizer Wilhelm II memes

#11 The moment Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
The moment Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

#12 Invades Serbia, Russia declares immediately war. Austria-Hungary – Oh no!
Russia declares war on Austria-Hungary, what now?

#13 Russia is out of the war. Guess who is joining.
USA joins WWI meme

#14 When you start WWIm but then disappear like a Boss and Germany takes all the blame.
WWI memes, starts WWI dissapears like a boss

#15 The performance of the Austrian-Hungarian army in a nutshell.
The performance of the Austro-hungarian army in a nutshell

#16 When the Dual-Monarchy is created in 1867.
Austria Hungary meme

#17 Worst decision ever for Austria-Hungary
When Austria-Hungary declares war

#18 End of WWI for the Central Powers. Wait what? Do you exist?
WWI Central Power memes

#19 When Russia quickly mobilizes millions of soldiers in 1914 and rush them to battle.
Russia WWI memes

#20 Minor dispute between autocratic empires
If WWI was a bar dispute between empires

#21 Austria-Hungary memes: End of WWI be like…
End of WWI for Austria-Hungary be like

#22 Austria today, versus Austria-Hungary in WWI.
Austria-Hungary vs Austria

#23 The moment Italy decides to join WWI. Official German and Austrian-Hungarian reactions…
Memes: When Italy joins WWI

#24 Brusilov offensive. Worst military and political crisis for Austria-Hungary in WWI.
Brusilov Offensive memes

#25 Did you know that Emperor Karl I tried to negotiate a secret peace deal with the Entente?
Emperor Karl I memes

#26 Now the most important question. Who is responsible for starting WWI?
Germany guilty for WWI memes

#27 When Germany offers full support to Austria-Hungary.
Memes: When Austria-Hungary receives German support

#28 When you didn’t ask the Kaiser for military support against the Russians
WWI funny memes

#29 WWI memes: Austria-Hungary versus Serbia.
WWI memes, Austria-Hungary versus Serbia

#30 Why reform the Austrian-Hungarian empire when you could do nothing and watch how everything collapses.
Emperor Karl I memes

#31 When you try 3 times to conquer Serbia, and finally succeed with German military support
Serbia, a nut too hard to crack

#32 Austria-Hungary in WWI – I once again ask for military support.
Austria-Hungary: I once again ask for military support

#33 Serbia accepts almost all demands from the ultimatum. Austria-Hungary reaction be like:
WWI memes, Austria-Hungary ultimatum to Serbia

#34 The real winner of the Brusilov offensive

Brusilov offensive meme

#35 Austria-Hungary collapse at the end of WWI, sumarized
Austria-Hungarian collapse at the end of WWI

#37 Austria-Hungary still exists in 1918. President Woodrow Wilson has a plan…
Woodrow Wilson meme

#38 Franz Ferdinand is shot in Sarajevo. Austria-Hungary calls for support.
When Gavrilo Princip shots Franz Ferdinand

#39 The Treaty of Saint-Germain permanently sealed the fate of the successor states of the former Austro-Hungarian empire.
Treaty of Saint-German be like

#40 Austria-Hungary before and after WWI:
Austria-Hungary before and after WWI memes

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