45 epic Fall of Constantinople memes that will make you laugh

Here is the best compilation of Fall of Constantinople memes that will make you laugh, while also probably learning something about the last epic battle of the Byzantine Empire.

The Fall of Constantinople is a controversial historical topic. While many do mourn the loss of an Empire, others saw it as an opportunity for great memes and jokes.

If you’ve ever wanted to see some funny memes about the Fall of Constantinople, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 45 hilarious memes about the Fall of Constantinople for you to browse through, share, and laugh at.

45 epic Fall of Constantinople memes that will make you laugh
1. It was Attila the Hun who first attempted to take the mighty city, he failed but got rich because the Byzantines agreed to pay a big tribute just to keep him away.

attila the hun constantinople memes

2. After the Fall of Constantinople, Mehmed the Conqueror proclaimed himself “Caesar” a title which was reserved for the Roman Empire.
Mehmed II as the new Roman Emperor meme
3. How Constantinople defenders were defeated, simply explained.
Mehmed II great plan memes

4. Constantine XI before his last charge against the Ottoman Forces
Constantine XI memes
5. Byzantine guard: Ups…
Open Gate Constantinople memes
Mehmed II great plan memes
7. We all know the answer.
fall of Constantinople meme
8. |
ottoman memes
9. Only History Buffs will find it funny.
mehmed the conqueror joke
10. According to some sources, the Ottomans deployed between 12-62 cannons, which could fire around 100 times per day. The exception is the mighty bombard known as the Basilica.
walls of constantinople meme
open gate byzantine memes
12. Probably one of the best definitions of success, going from failure to failure, without losing hope.
mehmed the conqueror memes
13. I doubt, given the lack of unity of the European powers of the time.
Constantinople falls memes
Constantine XI memes 02
walls of Constantinople memes

17. Though Constantinople was pillaged for several days. Mehmed the Conqueror sought to rebuild and repopulate the city because he intended to make the former Byzantine city the Capital of its mighty Empire.
constantinople memes
Ottoman conquest memes
19. Very accurate in my opinion, must have been the equivalent of a lottery ticket.
ottoman soldier memes
20. Constantine XI’s reaction when the city gates were breached…
memes about the fall of Constantinople
siege of Constantinople meme
ottoman siege meme
23. Mehmed II: Time for a rebranding.
Its Istanbul not Constantinople meme
Mehmed II meme
Byzantine empire memes
Constantinople 1453 memes
27. Sorry, Constantine, you are not safe even in Minecraft.
siege of constantinople funny memes
ottoman army memes
Kaboom constantinople memes
30. Mehmen II build a fortress to guard the Bosphorus just for blocking the access of any European reinforcements from the sea.
Constantinople siege memes

constantinople memes 1453
constantinople who would win memes
33. The Ottomans hired a famous Hungarian artisan, his name was Urban(also known as Orban). In three months he built a 9 meter long cannon that could fire 500 kilos cannonballs. The range of the gun was 1.5 km. The biggest disadvantage was its slow reloading time.
ottoman empire memes
memes about Constantine XI
Ottoman bombard memes
byzantine empire end memes
Mehmed the Conqueror entering Constantinople meme
Mehmed the Conqueror funny memes
ottoman empire accurate memes
40. Sorry, no reinforcements for you. The European Powers are currently busy…
Byzantine empire fall meme
Siege of Constantinople in a nutshell
walls of constantinople meme
43. Somebody tell Justinian that the Byzantine Empire is no more.
Justinian meme
44. Mehmed II entering the city on May 29, 1453, be like…
Mehmed II entering Constantinople colorized meme
when Mehmed II has a plan

Hope you enjoyed this compilation of Fall of Constantinople memes. With so many images to choose from, it was hard to know where to start. All I know for sure is that these memes have made me laugh out loud (LOL) a few times.

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