50 WWI memes that are both funny and educational

We present you 50 WWI memes that we hope you will find both educational and entertaining. WWI was a big tragedy, but who says history cannot be learned in unconventional ways?

#1. The “red dot”(Manfred von Richthofen) means very bad news, legends say that it is the only red dot that also terrorized all British Pilots in WWI.

WWI memes - red dot manfred von richtoven

#2. WWI memes, even Winnie-the-Pooh has an opinion. The fourth part is hard to pronounce.

WWI memes compilation

#3. When the Zimmerman Letter backfires horribly and you end up fighting the US army, after knocking Russia out of the war. A very good what-if scenario, what would’ve happened if Mexico said yes to Germany?

WWI memes, germany vs mexico

#4. WWI memes: who needs fireworks when we have Big Bertha? Too bad, there were only 12 guns of this type produced during World War I.

WWI memes rolls royce produces weapons

#5. Thousands of casualties after the first wave and no advance on the Western Front? No big deal for Allied commanders, bring the second and third wave, they are expandable.

WWI memes compilation eastern vs western front

#6. WWI memes: Italian army during World War 1 be like…I would bet on the German and Austro-Hungarian Armies any time. And a very good example of why: Battle of Caporetto(October-November 1917), the Italian army is defeated and forced to retreat 150 km, its effective strength declined from 1.800.000 to 1.000.000 soldiers.

WWI memes kaiser wilhelm

#7 WWI memes: Serbia at the end of World War 1 be like, it was Germany’s fault…haha can’t believe I managed to escape.

WWI memes Germany guilty

#8 When France suffers from a severe manpower crisis and needs every able soldier to fight for the Republic. During WWI, France mobilized approximately 8 million soldiers and lost between 1.35-1.39 million people.

WWI memes, France soldiers

#9 WWI memes: the moment Gavrilo Princip kills Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914, be like…

Let the chaos begin.

WWI memes, Gavrilo Princip

#10 When Serbia decides to leave its mark on the world by lighting the fuse for the Balkan Powder Keg and then all Europe goes BOOM.

WWI memes, Serbia

#11 When car makers need to contribute to the war effort.

WWI memes, rolls royce

#12 When the children want to join the British Army. Age is just a number, who cares? We need soldiers to fight the Germans in Flanders.

WWI memes, children join the army

#13 Every inch of land gained or lost by both sides in WWI was costly in terms of human lives and resources. For example on the First Day of the Battle of the Somme, the British and the French forces lost over 60.000 soldiers without managing to achieve the decisive breakthrough of the German lines.

WWI memes British Generals

#14 Did you know that on September 15, 1918, the German Government officially protested against the use of shotguns by the US army in war claiming that it “is especially forbidden to employ arms, projections, or materials calculated to cause unnecessary suffering”. Ironically this protest comes from the superpower that used poison gas. Of course, the Americans considered that the Germans were afraid because the shotgun was effective in trench combat, so they continued to use it.

WWI memes, shotgun protest

#15 Central Powers at the end of WWI be like… we are sorry Austro-Hungary, we really tried our best.

WWI memes, Central Powers at the end of WWI

#16 128 Americans lost their lives when a German U-boat sunk the ocean liner Lusitania on May 07, 1915. The USA didn’t declare war on Germany. What really enraged the Americans was the Zimmerman Telegram event. In the letter decoded by the British intelligence, Zimmerman promised Mexico an alliance and support for recovering Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

WWI USA joins the war

#17 Merry Christmas in 1914, next day… Get back to war!

WWI memes, christmas truce

#18 WWI memes, welcome to the trenches. You won’t be bored we promise you.

WWI memes, trench puzzle

#19 When Germany doesn’t give a damn about war crimes…

WWI memes Germany uses gas

#20 Verdun, longest battle of WWI and Germany’s biggest mistake in 1916. 10 months of heavy fighting and a total of over 600.000 casualties for both the French and the German armies.

WWI memes compilation

#21 On August 6, 1915, the German Army tried to clear out Osowiec Fortress(North-East Poland), occupied by the Russian forces, with the help of poison gas. Not only that the Russians didn’t flee, but the survivors of the gas attack launched a surprising counterattack and routed the German assault force.

WWI memes, russian vs germans

#22 When the Russian Garrison of Osowiec Fortress says NO! even to poison gas.

WWI memes germans vs russians

#23 WWI memes – the moment you realize that you need to abandon the trenches and run for you life

wwi memes

#24 Battle of the Somme, the British and the French had the numerical advantage and even bombarded the German positions with 1.75 million shells before the main assault. The Germans though proved to be masters of trench defensive tactics.

WWI memes somme battle

#25 Kids these days won’t understand. Am I right?

WWI memes

#26 I would place my bet on the efficiency of the machine guns.

WWI memes, machine gun vs russians

#27 WWI memes Battle of the Somme be like… British Generals, we send multiple waves of attacks, what could go wrong?

WWI memes, generals be like

#28 There was a strong opinion among all soldiers and officers from armies of the Great Powers that the war will be over in a few months, even before Christmas. Nobody expected in 1914 that the war will last 4 years.

WWI memes Christmas truce

#29 Different front, different dangers.

WWI memes Kaiser

#30 Schlieffen Plan set in motion in 1914. Invade Belgium they said… it will be a good plan… Probably one of the worsts decisions ever.

WWI memes Germany invades Belgium

#31 You did a Great Job France… just kidding.

WWI memes France

#32 In 1916, the German army hoped to achieve a decisive victory against the French at Verdun, the result was a long and costly battle for both sides which ended in a stalemate.

WWI memes Verdun battle

#33 People who refuse today to wear a mask vs people 100 years ago who had to wear gas masks to save their lives

WWI memes gas mask

#34 April 22, 1915, on this day, Germany unleashes the first major gas attack against 2 French divisions at Ypres.

150 tons of deadly chlorine gas were released in the air and the final result was that the French forces were decimated.

WWI memes germany mustard gas

#35 Speaking of gas attacks, Germany was the leader in both the development and production of this deadly weapon in both world wars. Only in WWI, the German specialized plants produced 99.000 tons of poison gas(chlorine, Phosgene, cyanide, and others) from a total of 198.000 tons.

WWI memes, Germany gas attack

#36 Breaking News! Lets not forget who is the real responsible for starting WWI.

WWI memes Gavrilo Princip

#37 The Central Powers during WWI be like… Yeah, Italy, was initially part of the Central Powers before 1914, then it switched sides in 1915.

This memes is very accurate especially for Germany.

WWI memes history class

#38 Sorry A7V, but you didn’t stand any chance against approximately 2.600 British tanks produced by September 1918.

WWI memes tanks

#39 Join the Army the said, it will be fun they said…

WWI memes trenches

#40 When Austro-Hungary has a great plan. Not joking.

WWI memes Austro-Hungary

#41 German High Command: Let’s go through Belgium so we can crush the French. What could possibly go wrong?

WWI memes Germany

#42 French and British troops during the Second Battle of Ypres in 1915: Oh no! We are doomed!

WWI memes poison gas attack be like

#43 In case you didn’t know, a British soldier during WWI had the Golden opportunity to shoot Hitler. Unfortunately for humanity, he made the worst decision ever.

WWI memes Hitler

#44 General Joffre’s offensive at the Marne be like…

WWI French victory

#45 When Romania joins the Entente in 1916.

WWI memes, Romania joins the war

#46 Germany’s worst nightmare before WWI has become a reality. A war on two fronts was what Bismarck told the Kaiser to avoid.

This WWI memes though is not very accurate if we think a bit about the famous Battle of Tannenberg in 1914, where an entire Russian army was wiped out, resulting in 170.000 Russian casualties(killed, wounded, or captured), while the Germans lost only 13.000 soldiers.

WWI memes, Russia joins the war

#47 Spoiler Alert: The Red Baron was shot in April 21, 1918. It was on this day, his great carrier as a Pilot Ace for the Reich ended.

#48 Let’s not forget the real winners of WWI. Yes, I am talking about revolutionary movements across all of Europe, whether it is about Communism or Fascism. All these radical movements received a huge boost in popularity at the end of WWI.

#49 The name of the “Ghost” is Francis Pegahmagabow, Canadian. He was the best sniper of WWI, credited with 378 kills and capturing other 300 soldiers.

WWI memes Ghost vs Germans

#50 Germany at the end of WWI, from Great Power to Zero. At the end of the war, the German economy was in ruins, and hyperinflation skyrocketed until 1923. In this year, 1 US dollar represented the equivalent of 4,200,000,000,000 Mark.

In 1920, the value of a US dollar was only 50 German Marks. Definitely not a very good time to live in Germany.

WWI memes, Germany at the end of WWI
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