Battle of the Bulge Quiz – Think you can pass?

The Battle of the Bulge represents Adolf Hitler’s last desperate gamble to turn the tide of World War II and prevent the total annihilation of the Third Reich.
In a desperate attempt to prevent the advance of the Western Allies, on the frosty morning of December 16, 1944, at 5:30 a.m., the Third Reich launched a massive attack on the Western Front.
The first major strategic objective of this operation was primarily to prevent the advance of British and American troops to the western borders of Germany.
The second and most important goal of the surprise German offensive in December was to separate the Allied armies(British and American) from the Western front, so the Wehrmacht could have annihilated the British and American troops more easily because they lacked coordination.
Following this major defeat, Hitler and the German command believed that the United States and Great Britain would be forced to sue for a separate peace.
With the disappearance of danger on the Western Front, Hitler was free to direct most of the remaining German forces to the Eastern Front to defend against the almost invincible “Hordes” of the Red Army, and the fate of the war would therefore be decided here.
On paper, Hitler’s plan was bold and promising, but the reality and the means available to the German Army in 1944 would compromise the entire operation.
The Wehrmacht that succeeded in 1940, in Ardennes, to strike the decisive blow against the French Army, was only a mere shadow of his formal glory.
Deployed over a width of 60 km, German troops managed to break through enemy lines and penetrate inside the enemy front for about 100 km. After an initial success favored by the weather conditions that prevented the intervention of Allied aircraft in combat, when the German vanguard reached close to the banks of the River Meuse, the Germans were repulsed on their starting positions until January 1945.
The result of this great offensive for the Third Reich is totally unfavorable. Most of the advanced military equipment that could be used effectively to defend Germany is lost in this offensive.

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