Titus Lartius, the first Roman Dictator

Titus Lartius the first Roman Dictator

Titus Lartius(surnamed Flavus and in other sources Rufus; years active in office 501-493 BC) was one of the most important Roman statesmen of the Early Roman Republic, the first dictator of Rome and twice elected consul. His actions as the first Roman Dictator helped defend the Roman Republic against a strong coalition whose goal was to restore the Tarquinii. I. Background If you want to … Read more

What if the Paris Commune succeeded? 3 possible scenarios

What if the Paris Commune succeeded 3 possible scenarios

I.Introduction The Paris Commune, though it was short-lived, remains a serious subject of debate among modern-day historians and the French People. Even after 150 years since the uprising of the people of Paris has begun, this political event still divides the French people. Many questions still need to be answered about this major political and … Read more

40 best Austria-Hungary memes that will make your day

40 best Austria-Hungary memes

40 Austria-Hungary memes that will make you laugh and maybe teach you some history: #1 Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire through history, from bitter enemies to best friends before WWI: #2 Austria-Hungary before WWI versus Austria today. #3 Two names that will decide the fate of Europe #4 Gavrilo Princip memes: The assassination of Franz … Read more

10 great Spartan leaders and their accomplishments

10 great Spartan leaders and their accomplishments

The Spartan leaders are the ones who mobilized all the energies and the unparalleled military efficiency of Sparta for military expansion. Thanks to a successful combination of military, diplomatic, and intrigue skills, the Spartan leaders transformed Sparta from an insignificant town in the Peloponnese into an undisputed power in Ancient Greece. From Lycurgus to King … Read more

Maresal Tank Destroyer – the project that could’ve changed the course of WWII, Infographic

Maresal Tank Destroyer - the project that could've changed the course of WWII, Infographic

Introduction The Maresal Tank Destroyer represented Romania’s greatest ambition in developing and building its own modern light tank destroyer in WWII, capable of standing against the Soviet tanks.Since the start of WWII, the Romanian Army suffered from a chronic lack of anti-tank means. Most of its tank forces were of French or Czech origins. After … Read more

Infographic. Pope Gregory V: 15 interesting facts

Pope Gregoy V interesting facts

Share this Image On Your Site </p><br /><br /><br /> <p><strong>Please include attribution to https://historyforce.com/ with this graphic.</strong></p><br /><br /><br /> <p><a href=’https://historyforce.com/infographic-pope-gregory-v-15-interesting-facts/’><img src=’https://historyforce.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Pope-Gregory-V-infographic-1.png’ alt=’15 interesting facts about Gregory V’ 540px border=’0′ /></a></p><br /><br /><br /> <p> 15 interesting facts about Pope Gregory V you probably didn’t know, from his birth to his Papacy. Although … Read more

40 Best Lenin Memes that should be in history books

40 Best Lenin Memes that should be in history books

We present you a collection with the best Lenin memes that are both funny while also covering key moments from the Russian Revolution and Communist ideology. These memes are both funny and educational 40 Lenin memes that should be in the history books: #1 The real reason Lenin doesn’t rise from his Mausoleum from Red … Read more

The Panzerfaust, Hitler’s Tank Fist: Wunderwaffe or not?

The Panzerfaust, Hitler's Tank Fist Wunderwaffe or not

The Panzerfaust(literally Tank fist) represented one of the most iconic and prolific German infantry anti-tank weapons of WW2. It gave the possibility for the Wehrmacht troops to deal with the assault of heavy tanks much more efficiently.  It seems that today, in some history books about World War II, it is common to describe the … Read more

Infographic: How Diocletian tried to save the Roman Empire

infographic about diocletian

Introduction           Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus (244–311), known as Diocletian (284-305), was born in Dalmatia and began his military career as a simple soldier, later serving as commander of Numerianus’ personal bodyguards. After the short reign of Emperor Carus and the death of his son Carinus, Diocletian was proclaimed emperor by the Roman army. At … Read more

50 interesting facts about Operation Barbarossa you probably didn’t know

50 interesting facts about Operation Barbarossa you probably didn't know

Operation Barbarossa was the “Crusade against Communism” that Hitler had been long waiting for and meticulously planned for since he wrote Mein Kampf during his jail time in Landsberg Prison. The epic and final battle between Nazism and Bolshevism had to end with a single winner, it was a matter of survival for both ideologies. … Read more