Challenging Odin Quiz – Think you can win?

This Odin Quiz will challenge all your knowledge about the most important God of the Norse Pantheon.

Think you know everything about the creator of the Universe and the Father of all Norse Gods?

Thanks to the Marvel Series, many people today know something about the Odin, probably the most important Norse God. Although the Marvel series tend to portray Thor as more important than Odin, the stories from the Norse Mythology present quite a different character.

Odin’s story is about sacrifice first for wisdom and then for the greater good and progress of both humanity and the Gods. Before becoming the Almighty ruler of Asgard, he was a skilled warrior.

Unlike other warriors, Odin was obsessed with gaining control over all wisdom and knowledge.

As we know from the Norse mythology, Odin everyday collects the most worthy fallen Viking warriors and takes them to Valhalla, where they will train and feast until the day of the Great Battle, Ragnarok arrives.

Needless to say, Odin is a complex figure in the Norse Pantheon, there is almost no aspect from the ordinary life that Odin doesn’t control or have the capability to intervene.

Odin like many other Gods, will have a central role in Ragnarok, unfortunately for the leader of the Aesir Gods, he too will meet his end, like all other Great Nordic Gods: Thor, Tyr, Loki, Vidar…

Ragnarok is the proof that even the mighty Norse Gods are not invincible when the time of destiny arrives, and this also includes Odin.

Odin’s final battle and his defeat will not be in vain, because from the ashes of the destroyed Norse universe a new and better world will rise according to the same ancient Nordic texts.

Because of the strong influence Odin and the Norse Mythology had in the Nordic societies, even today it is estimated that between 500 and 1000 people still worship the Old Norse Gods, 1000 years after Christianity was introduced.

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