Challenging Thor Quiz. Only Loki can get 100%

This Thor Quiz will push all your knowledge about the Great Norse God to the limits. If you are a Pro in Norse Mythology this quiz will be very easy, exactly like Thor defeating all the Jötunns.

Although Odin is considered the most important God of the Norse Pantheon, Thor was the most popular among the people of Earth/Midgard.

His story is by far the most complex in Norse Mythology and maybe this is one of the reasons why Thor is so popular.

Of course, the other good reason is that Marvel had a great contribution these days by presenting Thor as the Great protector of Humankind.

Here it is important to mention that Thor from the Marvel Universe is completely different from the one from the Viking mythology and there are also aspects that Marvel didn’t cover in any movie.

In Norse mythology, Thor was the God of Thunder and the protector of farmers. He controlled the weather and harvests and was one of the characters best known for his long red hair and strong legendary hammer, called Mjolnir, with which he protected mortals from harm.

Unlike Odin, who is the patron of Kings, nobles, shamans, and sometimes outlaws; when we think of Thor we often associate him with everything good and with what is right.

Thor’s end comes during Ragnarök(the Great battle between Good and Evil in Norse mythology) when he fights Jörmungandr, a huge, terrible, and ugly snake. After the epical fight against Jomungandr, Thor kills the beast by crushing its head with Mjolnir, but unfortunately, the power of the beast’s venom also kills the God of Thunder.

There is an optimistic part about Thor’s story, his sons will be the ones who will survive Ragnarok and rebuild the World. If you found this Thor Quiz interesting, please consider sharing it.

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