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This Alexios I Komnenos Quiz will push your knowledge about the famous Byzantine Emperor to the limits. Think you know everything about one of the best Byzantine Emperors?

Most likely born in 1057 AD, he ruled the Byzantine Empire between 1081-1118 AD.

Alexios was one of the most important members of the aristocratic dynasty of the Kommnenian.

The Kommnenian family was an important aristocratic family at the time, originally from Asia Minor, many of whose members held important positions in the army and state apparatus before Alexios ascended the throne.

As a young man, he had a successful military career under Emperor Michael VII Doukas and Nkiephoros III Botaneiates.

Observing the desperate situation of the Empire and the incompetence of Emperor Nikephoros III, Alexios I decided to personally take over the reins of power.

Benefiting from the support of his mother Anna Dalassene and a large coalition of aristocratic families: Kommnenian, Doukas, Palaiologos and Melissenos; Alexios considered that in the spring of 1081 it was time to take power.

Supported by loyal troops and mercenaries, Alexios Komnenos’ army entered Constantinople on April 1, 1081, dethroned Nkiephoros III Botaneiates and sacked the city for 3 days.

On April 4, 1081, Alexios is crowned emperor by the Patriarch of Constantinople, Cosmas I.

The reign of Emperor Alexios I can best be described by the saying “the right man at the right time.” The situation Alexios found when he took power was truly catastrophic.

The Byzantine Empire was on the brink of collapse due to the numerous military coups from the previous period and the external pressure due to the attacks from the Pechenegs, Seljuks and the Normans.

To these are added a precarious economic situation and the decline of imperial authority.

Undoubtedly, the most important achievement of the reign of Alexios I is the fact that he managed to stop all these processes for a while, and to bring back some splendor for the Byzantine Empire.

The reign of Alexios I marks another glorious page in the history of the Byzantine Empire that we deserve to know.

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