Hard Alfred the Great Quiz. Can you win?

Try this Alfred the Great Quiz and learn what is your knowledge level about one of the greatest kings in English History.


King Ecbert consolidated the dominant position of the Kingdom of Wessex over England, it was Alfred the Great’s task to keep this legacy intact while facing the numerous Viking invasions.

His rise on the throne was unlikely, but once there he became a just and intelligent King who sucessfully defended his lands and subjects.

Alfred not only managed to defend his Kingdom against the invaders, but he was also a great reformer, which left a mark in many fields like education, religion, army, navy etc…

Also noteworthy is the legislative work of Alfred the Great, who brought together old laws into one code and established new ones, often in contradiction with ordinary laws.

No less important is the initiation and development he gave to Anglo-Saxon translations of Latin works, spreading some of the greatest works of both Christian and Pagan culture in the Middle Ages.

For being both a mighty warrior and a skilled reformer he remains in history as Alfred the Great, a title which in my opinion he truly deserves because not so many rulers in history can be both warriors and great leaders at the same time.

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  1. This quiz keeps submitting my answers when i answer question 5 and doesn’t let me answer the rest of the questions? 🙁


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