Hard Edward II Quiz. Can you get 20/20?

The ultimate Edward II Quiz you will try today. By taking this quiz you will not only test your current knowledge, but probably you will also learn something new about one of the most controversial kings of England and a member of the Plantagenet Dynasty.
Eduard II was the successor of the brilliant King Edward I(nicknamed Hammer of the Scots) and his mother Eleanor of Castille.
At first sight, you may think that having such a good family, you may expect that the reign of Edward II would be a better one.
Unfortunately for the English Kingdom, the reign of Edward II matches with one of the biggest authority and institutional crises of the time.
Because Edward II lacked the political skills of his father Edward I, many local barons, especially the Despensers attempted to manipulate the King so they can achieve their own political objectives.
Most of the reign of Edward II was marked by constant fighting between the King and the forces of the local barons, especially the Lancasters, who opposed his rule and believed that he wasn’t the right person to rule.
Taking advantage of this political turmoil in England, Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, defeated the undisciplined English army at the Battle of Bannockburn (24-VI-1314). The main result of this battle, which was a major disaster for Edward II was that Scotland had gained independence from England.
This disaster led to further anarchy of the Kingdom.
Seeking revenge against the Lancasters, whom he considers the main culprits for the Backbourn disaster and the death of his friend Piers Gaveston, Edward II searches for new allies so he can start a new civil war and regain his authority.
He finds precious allies in the Despenser family, with the help of the Despensers, the King manages to overthrow the Lancasters and execute their leader, thus completing his revenge.
His rule though will not last for long.
In the last stage of his reign, Edward II and the Despensers ruled the Kingdom with an Iron Fist, this regime close to despotism triggered numerous scandals with Queen Isabella. Edward II confiscated his wife’s property and kidnapped her children. The Queen was forced to seek shelter in France. In 1326 Isabel reconciled with Rogerio Mortimer, an enemy of the Despensers and Edward II.
Together they organize a successful invasion of England which resulted in the deposition of Edward II and the Despensers.
After he was captured by the forces loyal to Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer, Edward II was forced to abdicate, and his son Edward III was crowned King.

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