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Test your knowledge about WWI by taking this WWI History Quiz.
First World War, also known as “The Great War” or the “War to end all Wars” was the first major conflict of the 20th Century, a lethal and devastating war that prepared the ground the for next major conflagration, 20 years later.
The First World War (1914-1918) was the first war involving countries on all continents. The conflict began and developed mainly in Europe, but the two sides sought allies beyond their borders.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the great empires wanted to maintain their power and dominion, but the war marked an era of the newly independent states.
Its causes can be found in the complex system of alliances developed by the European Powers of that time for maintaining their supremacy(Entente, Central Powers).
As we all know, this war didn’t end all the wars, it didn’t represent the beginning of perpetual peace, but very important for geopolitics it marked the end of the major Imperial powers of that time and their autocratic regimes(Second Reich, Tsarist Empire, Ottoman Empire and not last the Austro-Hungarian Empire).
On the ashes and ruins of the former tyrannical empires, newly independent states will emerge while others sought the opportunity for territorial gains, like Romania or Italy.
It is important to point that the collapse of the autocratic regimes doesn’t coincide with the victory of democracies, because as we all know, there was also discontent in the Victory camp, the best and most important examples here are Italy and Japan.
Both nations considered that they gained too little from this war in comparison to their sacrifices and efforts.
In Italy especially, because the peace treaties didn’t satisfy the public, combined with worsening economic conditions, meant the end of the democratic system and rise of Fascism.
Although the Victors promised not to allow such a war to take place, the seeds of the ensuing conflict were sown with the Treaty of Versailles, which was humiliating and punitive to the Germans and helped pave the way for the rise of nazism and fascism. The technology that generated the war will be used in the next world war only two decades later.
Unfortunately, the League of Nations, an international organization created at the end of WWI could not prevent World War II.

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