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The history of the Great Hellas begins in antiquity, about four thousand years ago. Undoubtedly, Greek civilization is of great importance to the modern world. The world of art, science, politics, philosophy, and philology is closely linked to the culture and history of Greece.

The great European civilization of today represents a synthesis of some elements from different but convergent civilizations: Greek, Roman, and Christianity.

Historians and other scholars say that in principle underlying Europe is “Europe is Greek in deep, Latin in extension and Christian in height.”

Greek culture considered to be the first brick of European civilization contributes decisively through the following elements: the discipline of spirit, critical thinking, the pursuit of perfection, focus on human power, the ideal of freedom, new political models, and last but not least a higher education.

A likely cause of these great achievements of the Greeks is due to political fragmentation of the Greek world. We are not talking about a nation with a centralized state apparatus, but about dozens of city-states (Polis), each competing against the other once for its own existence and then for supremacy.

Even when the Greek political and military supremacy had ended with the incorporation of the Hellenistic states into the Roman Empire, this didn’t also mean the end of the Greek civilization.

On the contrary, the Romans, great admirers of Greek culture, preserved and passed on the main cultural elements of Ancient Greece. The Greek culture continued to flourish under a new political system.

Ancient Greek civilization has fascinated for decades and continues to do so today, and this is fully evidenced by the number and success of movies, series, books and video games inspired by Greek history.

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