Julius Caesar Quiz – Difficulty Level Hard

This Julius Caesar Quiz will test all your knowledge about the leader who proved to be instrumental in transforming the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Think you know everything about the Great Ruler of Rome?

Julius Caesar, a crucial politician and military leader for the History of Ancient Rome. Through his military conquests and political actions, he paved the way for the irreversible transformation of the Roman Republic into what we all know today as the Roman Empire.
His military conquests of Gaul, Britanny, and victories over his rivals from the Optimates party, marked one of the most important moments in the history of the military expansion of Rome. Caesar’s victories off course not only helped Rome but also contributed to his fame, rise in a political career, and filling his coffers.
Exactly because of his rising star, the enemies of Caesar started to plot against him. Not only his enemies but even former allies, in this particular case Pompey the Great, started to fear Caesar’s popularity.
In this unstable political situation, Pompey decided to switch sides and betray his former ally, siding with the Senators and the leaders of the Optimates.
Caesar knows very well that there could be no compromise with the Senate, left without a choice, he chooses the exact path followed by Sulla a few decades before, a bold and fast march against Rome itself.
Pompey and its supporters, surprised by Caesar’s move fled the Capital then Italy and retreated to Greece where they tried to make a stand against Caesar’s legions.
This strategy proved wrong for Pompey and his allies and cost him victory in the Civil War.
After defeating the remaining Optimates at the battle of Munda, Caesar returned to Rome, where without doubt he was now the central and unchallenged figure in the Roman state.
Unfortunately for Caesar, he will not live to see the day when the Roman Republic will become the Roman Empire.
His meteoric rise to power also acted like an Achilles heel, his belief that he was now invulnerable lead to the fatal decision from the day of 15 of March, 44 B.C when he was assassinated by a group of 60 Roman senators.

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