Peloponnesian War Quiz – Think you can pass?

This Peloponnesian War Quiz will test all your knowledge about this major conflict from Ancient Greece.

As we all know, the Peloponnesian War was essentially a struggle for supremacy over Greece between the 2 major city-states of that time, Sparta and Athens, and their political alliances: the Peloponnesian League and the Delian League.

What began as a minor skirmish between the colonies of Athens and Corinth had escalated quickly into an all our war, which will envelop all of the Greek World.

From what we know from the best source about this conflict, History of the Peloponnesian War, written by Thucydides, the main cause behind this war was represented by the growing power of Athens.

From Thucydides we learn this way that the roots of the conflict were far deeper, and older.

The Spartans and their allies feeling threatened by Athens and their allies/colonies; considered that this was the time to attack, else the Athenian power can no longer be stopped.

From the moment the Spartan Assembly voted in favor of the war against Athens, there was no turning back. Of course, both sides thought the war will end quickly with one decisive battle. The Spartans initially thought it would be enough to march into Attica and provoke the Athenian army into an open battle.

As we all know this military conflict will last for almost 27 years if we also include the Peace of Nicias, which is still a subject of debate about how stable this peace treaty was indeed.

In most books today, we still learn that the main result of this conflict was the victory of Sparta, which achieved military and political dominance over Greece, and the collapse of the Athenian Empire.

It is important to note, although Sparta obtained political and military dominance over Greece at the end of the Peloponnesian war, this supremacy was short lived, it didn’t lasted for long.

On the short term we can also speak about the Theban success in this war, which consolidated its power in Beotia.

On the long term, we can all agree, that this conflict, had opened the Gates of Greece for its military conquest by the Macedonians.

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