Quiz: Can you match the famous quote with the correct Greek Philosopher?


Think you can match the famous quote with the correct Greek Philosopher?

Ancient Greece offered to the world many precious gifts like democracy, theatre, and philosophy.
At first examination, most of us probably consider that Ancient Greek philosophy doesn’t have any relevance for the modern times, but this is clearly not the case.
Ancient Greek philosophers were the pioneers in many fields of science, not only philosophy. They were the ancient equivalent of the inventors of the Renaissance.
Let’s talk a bit about the world before the birth of Greek philosophy. In ancient Greece had a strong belief that everything that happened around them was because of the will of a God/Goddess. Everything changed with philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Plutarch, and many others.
They challenged these beliefs, thus breaking with the tradition and bringing new methodical approaches. They established the basics of critical thinking and analysis.
Greek philosophy encouraged individual thinking. To think is to make light, and to make light is to put things in order. But what kind of order? Natural? Does the order that the human mind finds in the regularities that seem to govern the natural processes, the discipline that the mind has to impose in our lives, to give them unity and make them be fulfilled, as well as the laws of organization of the city Right all belong to a single principle – Thinking? Greek philosophers say yes. At the same time, it instructs us not to believe that this is the case because this is what tradition tells us or the high priests assure us.
Plato’s works contributed to the study of modern-day politics. Aristotle’s teachings encouraged the study based on logic and facts(he was also influential in math, astronomy, and biology). Socrates spoke about morality and ethics.
In short, we can say that without the works of the Greek philosophers, modern science as we know it today would probably not have existed, that is why is even more important to study the life and works of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and many others.
What driven them to break with the tradition and try to explore different ways to infinity knowledge? The answer/s is surely complex.

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