Quiz: How well do you know Operation Bagration?

Take this Quiz about Operation Bagration and learn what do you know about one of the largest and most important Soviet Offensive of WWII.

Operation Bagration was one of the biggest military offensives of WWII, successfully organized by the Red Army, this major military operation had knocked the Germans out of USSR for good in 1944.
The Soviets picked on purpose the day of June 22, because it coincided with the start of Operation Barbarossa, the start of massive German assault against the USSR.

For the Germans forces, June 22 would be a complete nightmare. It was the moment of revenge, which the Red Army and its leaders had been waiting for.

Between the winter and the spring of 1944, the Soviet armed forces managed to push back the German armies from Leningrad, in the south, Crimea was liberated and Ukraine was almost completely cleared, Soviet troops almost reached the border with Romania. At the same time, the territory of Belarus was still occupied by the Nazis – a ledge was formed, which was occupied by the Army Group Center.

The German command, not knowing in which direction the next blow of the Red Army would follow, assumed that the Soviet troops would continue the already begun offensive towards the Carpathians to seize the Romanian fields and deprive Germany of its most important source of oil.

At the end of June 1944, the Soviet command decided to carry out an operation to liberate Belarus, code-named Bagration. The 1st Baltic and three Belorussian fronts, the Dnieper military flotilla, long-range aviation, the country’s air defense forces, and Belarusian partisans were supposed to take part in it. The headquarters of the Supreme Command allocated to the fronts significant forces that were superior to Hitler’s, and everything was done to make the enemy assert his erroneous assumption that the Russians would launch an offensive, not in Belarus, but the north of Ukraine.

An important note is that Belarusian partisans who sabotaged the Wehrmacht’s supply lines also contributed to the success of this grand Soviet offensive.

On June 23, massive artillery and aerial bombardment fell upon the enemy’s defenses in Belarus, for the Germans, the attack was a total surprise. The Red Army managed to achieve the breakthrough against the heavily fortified areas relatively quickly.
The victory in Belarus showed the high level of Soviet military skill and art.

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