Quiz: How well do you know the Battle of Marathon?

Can you ace this Battle of Marathon Quiz? Think you know everything about the first major Athenian victory against the Persians?

The Battle of Marathon in 490 BC was the first major episode of the Greco-Persian Wars, it was the first time when a Persian army was decisively defeated in an open battle. The Battle of Marathon marked the end of the first invasion of Greece by the Persians, who were forced to retreat to Asia.

The Battle of Marathon is the direct consequence of Athens’s support for the rebellion of the Greek city-states in Asia Minor against Persian rule.

Darius I, the ruler of the Persian Empire, didn’t want to let the Athenian intervention go unpunished. The preparations for a large military expedition with the aim of conquering Athens started.

What was initially seen as an easy victory for the Persian expeditionary force had quickly transformed into the beginning of the rise of Athens to the status of regional power.

Though outnumbered according to modern-day historians by a ratio of 2:1; the army of the young Athenian democracy didn’t give up and even prove to the Persians that they are willing to pay the ultimate price for defending not only their city but also their values.

During the Battle of Marathon, the Athenian army saved not only their independence but also an entire civilization. The Athenians saved themselves and at the same time saved Greece.

Although the wars between the Greeks and the Persians continued, with some interruptions, for many more years, the Battle of Marathon effectively crushed the myth of Persian invincibility, preparing the ground for the next victorious battles of the Greeks forces, at Salamis and Plataea.

Athens obtained an incredible victory. A hoplite, Phidippides, was appointed to announce the victory to his countrymen. He ran the 42 kilometers distance between Marathon to Athens. He reached the agora of Athens and shouted the victory before dying because of his wounds and extreme exhaustion.

 In his memory, a difficult athletic event was set up, in which the competitors had to cover the 42 kilometers that symbolize the distance between Athens to Marathon.

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