Ramses II quiz – How well do you know the Great Pharaoh?

Ramses II, warrior, pharaoh, builder, father, God. The Great ruler of Egypt represents one of the few cases in which legends are not as far from reality as we might think.

He assumed his political responsibilities from an early age and soon proved to be a good leader and a great military strategist, achieving greater success in his war campaigns than his father Seti I.

Being one of the best known, most important, and longest-living pharaohs of the fascinating Egyptian civilization, he excelled in virtually every field in which a pharaoh should excel.

Ramses II was a king who managed to grow Egypt’s economy, improved the administration of his government, army, and culture, which is why he was considered the last great pharaoh of Egypt. He built large buildings and managed to find gold from the south to finance all his projects. He sought a way to expand to the borders and alliances established with Asia Minor and Syria and managed to reclaim the borders of lands in Asia and Africa.

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