Roman Republic Quiz – How many correct answers can you get?

Can you ace this Roman Republic Quiz? This trivia history quiz contains 24 questions about the Roman Republic(509-27 B.C).

The Roman Republic was the period in the history of ancient Rome from 509 BC to 27 BC. This history quiz will be focusing on some trivia questions about the Roman Republic.

The Roman Republic began with a series of political revolutions, including the overthrow of Tarquinius Superbus, who was king of Rome for 20 years. The Romans believed that Tarquinius Superbus was not a good king because he did not have any care for the needs and wants of his citizens. He also did not share power with anyone else.

After overthrowing the monarchy, the young Republic had to defend itself against the many attempts of the former king Tarquinius Superbus to reclaim the throne.

During this process, Rome began its territorial expansion. With the Republic secured with the repelling of any attacks from the Tarquini, Rome also gained dominance in the region of Latium.

It was during the Republican regime when Rome first obtained Hegemony over Italy then defeated its first mighty rival, the Carthaginians.

The same Republican system, which helped Rome to expand around the Mediterranean sea, will also prove to be unable to adapt to the challenges and problems generated by this expansion.

The Roman institutions either had to be reformed or face terrible consequences. Unfortunately for the supporters of the Republican cause, the Republic was taken over by Roman commanders, who converted their military victories into political capital.

The rise of Caesar, Pompey, Crassus, would not have been possible without the military reforms of Gaius Marius, which effectively planted the seeds for the destruction of the Roman Republic and the creation of a new political system.

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