Ramses II quiz – How well do you know the Great Pharaoh?

Ramses II quiz - How well do you know the Great Pharaoh

Ramses II, warrior, pharaoh, builder, father, God. The Great ruler of Egypt represents one of the few cases in which legends are not as far from reality as we might think. He assumed his political responsibilities from an early age and soon proved to be a good leader and a great military strategist, achieving greater … Read more

The ultimate Ancient Egypt quiz: Can you get 25/25?

The ultimate Ancient Egypt quiz Can you get 2525

Do you think you know very well the history of ancient Egypt? Test your knowledge by answering the questions from this Ancient Egypt quiz. The history of ancient Egypt represents a permanent attraction for the people of our times, both for specialized historians and for the general public. The countless mysteries and riddles that are … Read more