Titus Lartius, the first Roman Dictator

Titus Lartius the first Roman Dictator

Titus Lartius(surnamed Flavus and in other sources Rufus; years active in office 501-493 BC) was one of the most important Roman statesmen of the Early Roman Republic, the first dictator of Rome and twice elected consul. His actions as the first Roman Dictator helped defend the Roman Republic against a strong coalition whose goal was to restore the Tarquinii. I. Background If you want to … Read more

Emperor Trajan Quiz. Are you up to the challenge?

Roman Emperor Trajan Quiz

Take this Emperor Trajan Quiz and learn your knowledge level about the best of the Five Good Emperors of Rome. Marco Ulpius Nerva Traiano (57-117 AD) was the Roman Emperor who brought Rome to its maximum splendor and its maximum territorial extension. Because of his great accomplishments whenever a new Emperor took power, people started … Read more

Julius Caesar Quiz – Difficulty Level Hard

Julius Caesar Quiz

This Julius Caesar Quiz will test all your knowledge about the leader who proved to be instrumental in transforming the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Think you know everything about the Great Ruler of Rome? Julius Caesar, a crucial politician and military leader for the History of Ancient Rome. Through his military conquests and … Read more

Infographic: How Diocletian tried to save the Roman Empire

infographic about diocletian

Introduction           Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus (244–311), known as Diocletian (284-305), was born in Dalmatia and began his military career as a simple soldier, later serving as commander of Numerianus’ personal bodyguards. After the short reign of Emperor Carus and the death of his son Carinus, Diocletian was proclaimed emperor by the Roman army. At … Read more