The Panzerfaust, Hitler’s Tank Fist: Wunderwaffe or not?

The Panzerfaust, Hitler's Tank Fist Wunderwaffe or not

The Panzerfaust(literally Tank fist) represented one of the most iconic and prolific German infantry anti-tank weapons of WW2. It gave the possibility for the Wehrmacht troops to deal with the assault of heavy tanks much more efficiently.  It seems that today, in some history books about World War II, it is common to describe the … Read more

Battle of the Bulge Quiz – Think you can pass?

Battle of the Bulge Quiz: Can you answer correct to all the questions?

The Battle of the Bulge represents Adolf Hitler’s last desperate gamble to turn the tide of World War II and prevent the total annihilation of the Third Reich.In a desperate attempt to prevent the advance of the Western Allies, on the frosty morning of December 16, 1944, at 5:30 a.m., the Third Reich launched a … Read more

15 interesting facts about the kamikaze pilots you need to know

15 interesting facts about the kamikaze pilots you need to know

The kamikaze pilots represented Japan’s last desperate option to turn the tide of the war in the Pacific theatre. By November 1944, the Japanese forces were facing defeats on all fronts. On June 15, 1944, a huge US invasion force supported by a massive naval bombardment assaulted the strategic island of Saipan.Four days later, the … Read more