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Thutmose III was one of the most successful Egyptian Pharaohs. During his long reign, the borders of Egypt and its influence were greatly expanded.

Few Egyptian rulers can match the military and political legacy of Thutmose III.

Unlike many other military commanders of his time, Thutmose III had a very complex personality.

Besides his military training and strategic thinking, he was interested in many other fields like botany, biology, religion, literature, aesthetics, and architecture, meaning that he didn’t allow the military life to narrow his intellectual side of his life.

This complex ruler, not only reversed Egypt’s decline but led this mighty civilization to its zenith, both military and economically.

He transformed Egypt from a minor, regional power, to a conquering nation, capable of military expansion abroad.

He achieved this by campaigning almost continuously. Let’s take a look at a small comparison, prior to Thutmose III’s reign, Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs could afford to launch a foreign military expedition once every 4.6 years.

In 19 years, between the reigning years of 23 and 42, Thutmose organized and launched foreign military expeditions once every 1.2 years.

Thutmosis III went down in history as the greatest general of the Egyptian pharaohs. He made a name for himself as a brilliant strategist and organizer of major campaigns.

But its unusual new foreign policy strategy is probably even more significant.

He insisted on securing Egypt’s borders through political governance and control of neighboring countries. The idea of creating confederations of states through trade agreements and alliances was hidden behind this.

 But the time has not yet arrived for partnership alliances and peace treaties. The diplomatical objectives would be accomplished only many years later by Ramses II.

The rule of Thutmose III represents a Golden Age for Ancient Egypt from both military and economic perspective.

When he died, he left his successor with an important political and military legacy. He left the Egyptian people and the Egyptian priesthood immeasurable wealth and peace, which were now secured both internally and externally.

In Egypt itself, the conditions must have been almost heavenly.

We know many aspects of this great ruler of Egypt because of the writing of his personal secretary, Tajani, who recorded the Pharaoh’s great achievements and also from the hierogliphs from the Temple of Karnak.

Thutmose III’s rule though is not left without controversy, the most significant mystery still studied today by many archeologists and Egyptologists is why many of Hatshepsut’s monuments and paintings were brutally defaced under his rule. Many theories have emerged, but there is no definitive explanation yet for these events.

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