WW2 Tanks quiz – match the tank with its main gun

Think you know everything about the tanks of WW2? Take this WW2 Tanks Quiz and find out if you are a real PRO.

Tanks played a vital role in WW2, from huge and mechanized offensives to ingeniously mobile defenses, there is absolutely no battlefront of WW2 where the tank was not present.

Created in the middle of WWI, its introduction to mass production meant the end of any hopes of victory for Imperial Germany and Kaizer Wilhelm II.

It is important to note that in WWI, the great majority of tanks were used for infantry support, they were not designed to be independent weapons.

This of course is going to change, especially to German High Officers with vision, like Heinz Guderian, who saw the decisive role of the tanks in future grand military operations.

It was the Germans, who made the decisive step from converting the tank from its minor infantry support role to the central and decisive role in the Blitzkrieg tactics.

On the other hand, the victors of WWI seemed to completely neglect the importance of this new weapon and most of them didn’t allocate enough resources, although there are some notable exceptions.

Not only that it shaped the course of history, but the introduction of tanks also meant that trench warfare had become obsolete, from now on, the army that possessed the most tanks on the battlefield will also have the upper hand.

After the end of WWII, unlike WWI, every nation on the Earth realized that you cannot be a Global Power or you could not defend yourself if you don’t possess a strong tank army.

The future of tank warfare on the battlefields of the world was forever secured and also it’s place in history.

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1 thought on “WW2 Tanks quiz – match the tank with its main gun”

  1. This quiz is outright busted.

    For question 2 the ‘answer’ in the quiz is the tank itself and not the actual gun, the Type II Model II.

    For question 6, the correct answer is undeniably the 20-K yet that’s marked wrong by the quiz. The 19-K is technically the same gun, but that’s the designation of it on a towed carriage.

    For question 7 both the D-5T and S-57 are correct answers as they were essentially the same gun, one was just the tank mounted version of the 52-K while the other slightly modified the breach to make it easier to use in cramped conditions. Also the D-25T is technically not incorrect either, at least 1 example existed of the KV-85 sporting it for testing purposes.

    Question 10 however was far from the mark. No serial production examples of the Panzer III used the 3,7cm gun, out of the 6000 Panzer IIIs built barely 150 ever used it and most of those were converted later on to use another gun. The main armament for the vast majority of Panzer IIIs was the 5cm KwK 39, with 1300 using the earlier 5cm KwK 38 and at least 700 examples using the 7,5cm KwK 37 that is marked as a wrong answer in this quiz.

    For question 12 none of those given answers are correct. The “Mark IV Churchill” is a different vehicle than the Churchill IV, that one used both the QF 2lb gun and the OQF 3″ Howitzer. However the Churchill IV used the QF 6lb gun, the 75mm M3, and the QF 75mm over its service (meaning again 2 of the given choices are correct answer), while the Churchill V was just the IV but equipped with the QF 95mm Howitzer meaning that wouldn’t have been an incorrect answer either. Similarly for question 13 the Cromwell used all 3 guns given as choices in its service.

    For question 14 the quiz is outright wrong, the Souma S35 never used the SA35 75mm in any configuration, its primary armament was always the 47mm SA35. The vehicle was heavily modified into a casemated tank destroyer called the Souma SAu 40 and it carried the 75mm SA35 then, but never in its configuration as a tank.


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